Fluidigm unveils four innovative devices to meet challenges associated with production genomics

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Fluidigm Corporation (NASDAQ:FLDM) today introduced four new integrated fluidic circuits (IFCs) designed to meet the challenges associated with production genomics. These new offerings are expected to make substantial contributions to laboratories performing high sample throughput digital PCR, genotyping, and targeted panel testing.

"Today, we unveil four innovative devices, each responding to unmet needs in production genomics. To deliver ultra-low cost per sample and exquisite accuracy in digital PCR, we introduce the qdPCR™ 37K IFC. To minimize sample re-work and ambiguous results in high-throughput genotyping, we now offer the High-Precision 96.96 Genotyping IFC. To enable high sample throughput for gene expression applications, we announce the 192.24 Gene Expression IFC. Finally, in response to many requests for greater sample and assay flexibility during target selection, we present the FLEXsix™ Gene Expression IFC, first of a family of flexible, configurable IFCs," said Gajus Worthington, Fluidigm President and Chief Executive Officer.

With these new IFCs, the BioMark™ HD system now supports the entire span of activity from target selection through production scale-up, eliminating the need for technology-bridging studies.

The Fluidigm qdPCR 37K IFC

The qdPCR 37K IFC combines both digital and quantitative real-time PCR. Real-time analysis of digital PCR reactions minimizes false positives. The qdPCR 37K IFC also provides high amplification success rate with the lowest cost-per-sample available in the market today, as low as $2 per sample.

Droplet and spotted-array based digital methods often experience high "drop-out" rates that can adversely impact their ability to detect target sequences. The qdPCR 37K IFC performs at a 99.9% success rate, providing ultra-high precision and throughput without the concern of false positives. This is especially critical in high-sensitivity applications, such as rare mutation detection, GMO testing, and aneuploidy detection.

With the qdPCR 37K IFC, researchers can enjoy a nearly 80% savings per sample when their applications require four-plex tests per sample. Other products on the market only provide a two-plex solution, meaning each sample would have to be run multiple times, adding cost and decreasing throughput.

The High-Precision 96.96 Genotyping IFC

The High-Precision 96.96 Genotyping IFC is the highest quality genotyping product available today exhibiting a minimum call rate of 99.9%. This precision is vital to production and human genomics laboratories where every SNP for every sample matters.

Some other platforms claim a 95% call rate. If a production genotyping lab is running 96 SNPs per sample, this implies, statistically, that there is only a one-percent chance that all of their 96 SNPs will be "called" on a particular sample. This can lead to extensive re-work, uncertain results, and low overall sample yield. In contrast, when using Fluidigm's new High-Precision 96.96 Genotyping IFC, the likelihood that all 96 SNPs are "called" climbs to 91%.

The High-Precision 96.96 Genotyping IFC and BioMark HD system deliver standard-setting performance while also enabling high-sample throughput with an easy workflow—one operator can easily deliver more than 36,000 data points in a day.

192.24 Gene Expression IFC

The Fluidigm 192.24 Gene Expression IFC meets the needs of production users who have narrowed their gene panel and require high sample throughput. Together with the BioMark HD system, this IFC enables throughput of 576 samples across 24 genes in an 8-hour day, with minimal hands-on time. The 192.24 Gene Expression IFC can be particularly useful in clinical research and production environment, where users will benefit from the low-cost per sample, high reliability and simple workflow of the new 192.24 Gene Expression IFC.

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