Tips to stay safe during cold-weather months

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· Don't apply ice. It can be too harsh for burned skin and cause tissue damage.

· "Folk remedies" such as applying butter do not help the healing process and may increase the risk of infection if the burn is severe.

· Room temperature water alone or a very mild soap can be used to gently clean the area.

· Keep the burned area clean and dry as it heals. The area can be covered with a light bandage if needed. A small amount of an over-the-counter ointment can be applied to keep the bandage from sticking to the skin.

Seek medical treatment when:

· A burn covers a large area, especially if blistering occurs.

· There is extreme pain or loss of sensation.

· Burns occur to the face, eyes, hands or feet.

· A burn involves chemicals or electricity.

· There is smoke inhalation due to fire exposure.

· A burn does not appear to be healing appropriately.

Source: Vanderbilt Regional Burn Center

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