Illuminate PatientView to be introduced at Radiological Society of North America meeting

Published on November 20, 2012 at 12:59 AM · No Comments

Illuminate® PatientView™, the newest application of Softek Illuminate's search engine and data aggregation technology, will be introduced at the Radiological Society of North America's annual meeting Nov. 25-30 at Chicago's McCormick Place and demonstrated by Softek associates in booth 9141.

According to Softek CEO Matt McLenon, PatientView saves clinicians time and improves diagnoses by automatically displaying, at a minimum, a patient's radiology, pathology and laboratory history every time they open a new study. Radiologists report that going to the electronic medical record system to find and view this information can take up to 10 minutes. PatientView lets them review it all in seconds.

Radiologists, pathologists and other clinicians no longer need to interpret a patient's imaging exams, tissue specimens or blood work in an informational vacuum, McLenon said. For example, when a patient comes to a hospital Emergency Department with vague abdominal pain and has a scan, radiologists can immediately see the lab report of the lipase level and be sure it's pancreatitis. If a clinician is reading a chest CT and sees abnormalities in the lungs, they can quickly see if the patient has ever had radiation therapy.

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