Holiday healthy eating reminders from Greenwich Hospital

Published on November 22, 2012 at 3:11 AM · No Comments

As holiday crunch time fills your schedule, don't give up your exercise.

"When times get crazy, the thing people give up is exercise, and that's the key thing a person needs. When a person is excitable from stress, the burst of energy that you get from exercise can help burn the adrenaline off and calm you down," said Erica Christ, RD, CDE, an exercise physiologist at Greenwich Hospital's Weight Loss & Diabetes Center. "Exercise allows you time to focus, and gives you a sense of mindfulness that makes the other pieces of your life fall into place," added Christ.

Physical activity also stimulates the neurotransmitter dopamine, which has been linked to post-exercise mood improvement more effectively than antidepressant medications.

It's commonly understood that physical activity is an essential part of any overall health plan. For the Center, Erica Christ uses Pilates, a form of exercise that incorporates graceful movement to build flexibility, muscle strength and endurance while supporting the body's core abdominal and lower back area.

"The physical benefit of Pilates goes beyond strengthening the abs, back, shoulders and buttocks. There is also the importance of concentration and mind-body awareness. Plus there are no pressure joints. It's a very safe, very powerful workout," explained Christ.

Being tri-credentialed as an exercise physiologist, registered dietitian and certified diabetes educator, Erica Christ understands the intricate dance that goes on between food, motion and metabolism. She helps clients learn how to fuel their bodies with energy for their specific lifestyle needs.

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