Critics look to House panels to restrain health law; Big policy issues remain

Published on November 28, 2012 at 3:45 AM · No Comments

Questions remain on implementing the health law -- both politically and in settling policy matters -- as opponents look to House committees to police the Obama administration's activities to get the law up and running.

Politico Pro: ACA Opponents Pin Hopes On House Panels
Republicans' attempts to ditch the health care law through Congress and the Supreme Court have failed, so they're funneling their energy into the one remaining venue through which they can still influence the law: committees in the House of Representatives. The GOP-led committees have the power to oversee the health overhaul as it's put into place -- and keep a sharp eye on the Obama administration as it works toward that end. Various committees are looking at a host of issues -- the software contracts for insurance exchanges, how quality bonuses might temporarily hide the sting of Medicare cuts and the administration's approach to selling a skeptical public on the benefits, to name a few (Cunningham, 11/26).

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