New treatment for children with autism to be unveiled at Queen's University Belfast

Published on November 30, 2012 at 9:22 PM · No Comments

A new treatment for children with autism, which has the potential to significantly improve their learning and academic skills, will be unveiled at Queen's University Belfast today (Friday 30 November).

Currently, more than 15,000 families in Northern Ireland are affected directly by Autism Spectrum Disorders. Precision Teaching, a method which teaches children not only how to behave, but how often, how fast, and for how long, is just one of many new studies and intervention methods for Autism Spectrum Disorders which will be unveiled at Queen's as part of its Autism Research and Treatment (QUART) Forum's Ambitious for All: Autism, Behaviour and Learning event.

Precision Teaching has been shown to be highly effective in helping children and young people with Autism and their typically developing peers achieve their potential in mainstream schools.

Almost 150 researchers from around the world, including keynote speakers from the UK and Greece, will gather at Queen's to discuss Precision Teaching, Intensive Early Behavioural Interventions and other therapies based on Applied Behaviour Analysis (ABA), as the most effective evidence-based framework for treatment of Autism Spectrum Disorders.

Professor Karola Dillenburger, from the Centre for Behaviour Analysis in Queen's School of Education, said: "Autism is now diagnosed in 1 in 88 individuals. This means that more than 15,000 families in Northern Ireland are affected directly. 4,000 children with Autism Spectrum Disorders are of school-age and the provision of evidence-based behaviour analytic treatment is vital to ensure that these children are enabled to lead fulfilled lives. At today's conference we will hear from international experts in a number of potentially invaluable treatments.

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