U.S. on the verge of potentially devastating epidemic of untreatable gonorrhea

Published on April 24, 2013 at 3:32 AM · No Comments

Gonorrhea has long been one of the most commonly-reported sexually transmitted diseases (STDs) in the U.S. and, unfortunately, with rising antimicrobial resistance, it has also become one of the most frightening for public health. We are now down to one effective gonorrhea drug – one final lifeline – and there's nothing lined up to replace it. More frightening still is the fact that the country is on the verge of a potentially devastating epidemic of untreatable gonorrhea and our nation's first responders in public health lack the resources to react.

In order to supplement a crumbling public health infrastructure, NCSD will be briefing the United States House of Representatives and the Senate on April 26th with an urgent request: invest $53.48 million now to prepare for the emergence of drug-resistant gonorrhea, or risk spending $780 million more to our health care system in seven years after the onset of antimicrobial resistance.

"Experts agree that it's not a matter of if gonorrhea resistance will hit, it's a matter of when it will hit," said William Smith , Executive Director of NCSD. "If we aren't prepared when it happens we will have a serious public health crisis our hands, with only a lack of attention and investment to blame."

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