AudioEducator presents audio conferences on latest CPT coding updates for 2014

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The providers want accurate reimbursement, whereas the payers want efficient claims processing. The ever-changing CPT® code set doesn't make your job easy. According to the American Medical Association (AMA), there will be 335 total code changes in 2014, to include 175 new codes, 107 revised codes, and 47 deleted codes. Thus, to make your job easy and assist you with convenient education and training specific to these CPT® coding changes, AudioEducator is presenting audio conferences on latest CPT® coding updates for 2014.

Shoulder Coding Updates

Join Margie Scalley Vaught - CPC, CPC-H, CPC-I, CCS-P, PCE, MCS-P, ACS-EM, ACS-OR, in this 60 minute audio session on Wednesday, December 18, where she will cover the shoulder coding changes in 2014, for e.g. new revision arthroplasty codes. She will discuss the ongoing issues with shoulder arthroscopy procedures, and how CCI guidelines are starting to limit the number of codes you will report.

Topics covered in the session:

  • Know the 2014 new codes for arthroplasty procedures
  • Find out when modifier 59 is appropriate from both CPT and CCI stand point
  • Understand your payer/carrier reimbursement policies
  • Identify codes most commonly used in trauma cases of the shoulder
  • Help your surgeons understand the importance of documentation

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2014 Ob-Gyn Coding Updates

Join Melanie Witt, RN, CPC, COBGC, MA in this audio session, where she'll cover the changes that will impact ob/gyn coding by providing you "insider" information directly from the CPT® annual symposium, which explains why the changes were made and how to accurately use any new or revised codes or guidelines. She will provide an overview of the new payment schemes for 2014, and give you details you can use to update your knowledge of Medicare coverage guidelines, especially in relation to fecal occult tests, payment for office surgeries, and redefining "incident to" services.

Topics covered in the session:

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