Researchers identify a set of emotion words to better understand patient's health care experience

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Positive emotion words are: Compassion, confident, empowered, enjoyment, enthusiastic, grateful, great, happy, hopeful, joyful, loyal, optimistic, peaceful, pleased, safe, satisfied, secure, sense of accomplishment, successful and valued.

Negative emotion words are: Afraid, angry, disrespected, disgusted, depressed, frustrated, guilty, hatred, hopeless, ignored, insecure, jealous, resentful and sad.

None of the suggested emotionally neutral words produced at least an 80 percent agreement about their meanings. Virginia Mason selected "okay" as the neutral word for its EBD questionnaire because the expression received the broadest agreement among study participants about its perceived meaning.

"Some emotion words in the English language really depend on the context and mean different things to different people," said Jennifer Phillips, innovation director in the Virginia Mason Kaizen Promotion Office and co-author of the study. "Now we have a standard word set to use in the questionnaire tool, which gives us more confidence."

Source:  Virginia Mason

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