Researchers develop new eco repellent that stops mosquitoes from attacking humans

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This year's World Health Day (April 7th) focuses on vector-borne diseases, like malaria. Malaria still kills more than half a million people every year, mainly children. In the battle against this disease researchers in Switzerland have developed a new eco repellent that stops mosquitoes from attacking humans.

In the battle against malaria researchers at the University of Neuchâtel (Switzerland) have developed a new eco repellent that stops mosquitoes from attacking humans. A new mixture of extracted essential oils seems to be as effective in keeping off mosquitoes as common repellents like Deet for example. The advantage of the new substance: it is fully biodegradable and therefore comes also with fewer side effects.

The Swiss scientists who were conducting their studies within the European research project "ENAROMaTIC" are convinced that their discovery is just the beginning of a new wave of breakthroughs in this field. In the future, natural extracts of essential oils could play an important role in limiting the number of victims caused by disease-carrying insect vectors.

On April 7th 2014, the World Health Organization WHO celebrates World Health Day, which this year the focus is on vector-borne diseases like Malaria. According to the WHO, Malaria still kills an estimated 627 000 people every year, mainly of them children.

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