RX daytona+ provides high quality testing on compact easy to use platform

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Randox has developed a versatile range of clinical chemistry analyzers with real cost saving in mind.

The RX series of clinical chemistry analyzers provides performance like no other. Robust hardware combined with intuitive software ensures unrivalled precision and accuracy for results you can trust. Delivering high quality routine and specialized testing through an extensive dedicated test menu, the RX series guarantees flexibility, cost savings and consolidation in various laboratory settings including:

• Clinical chemistry
• Research
• Education
• Veterinary
• Forensic toxicology
• Food and wine testing

RX daytona+

Superior performance for results you can trust

The RX daytona+ is the newest addition to the RX series of clinical chemistry analyzers, providing high quality testing on a compact easy to use platform.

The RX daytona+ is a bench-top, fully automated, random access clinical chemistry analyzer capable of performing routine & specialized testing and emergency STAT sampling. With the extensive RX series test menu, the RX daytona+ guarantees precision, reliability and accuracy for results you can trust.

• 270 photometric tests per hour & up to 450 including ISE
• Versatile reagent carousel with 50 cooled positions & universal sample carousel with 40 positions & 10 control/calibrator positions
• Low water consumption of just 5 liters per hour
• Intuitive Windows® based user friendly software
• Dual 5 speed Teflon coated stirrers
• Storage of up to 30,000 patient reports with search facility
• Liquid level, clot & crash detection
• Unique loading hatch allows emergency samples to be analyzed quickly and easily at any time.
• Low reagent volume - R1: 20-250µl (1µl increments) R2: 20-180µl (1µl increments) & sample volume of just 1.5-35µl (0.1µl increments)
• Barcode readers for both sample and reagent identification



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