Tests at five beta sites validate CEA-Leti’s new fDOT imaging system for commercialization

Published on July 9, 2010 at 8:43 AM · No Comments

CEA-Leti today announced that after extensive beta testing at five French research facilities, its new imaging system for near-infrared fluorescence-enhanced diffuse optical tomography (fDOT) is ready for commercial applications.

“These studies have shown high quality reconstruction results, particularly in terms of sensitivity, linearity and spatial resolution, all of which compare favorably to the top commercially available fDOT systems. We invite industrial partners to discuss ways to commercialize this system, including transfer of the technology, know-how and IP.”

fDOT systems help researchers quantify cancer activity and evaluate treatment efficiency. They provide quantitative functional measurements for the pharmacological industry in experiments on small animals, typically mice. After target-specific fluorescent molecular probes are injected into the mice, the probes' distribution in the tissue is reconstructed, enabling both 3D localization of the targeted areas and quantization of the local concentration of the fluorescent dye.

But fDOT existing systems are currently limited by the extent of tissue heterogeneity and the complex surface shape of the animals.

CEA-Leti's new fDOT imaging system enables reconstruction of the fluorescence yield even in heterogeneous and highly attenuating body regions such as the lungs, and it doesn't require immersing the mice in optical index-matching liquid.

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