New York City Board of Health Oks nation's first ban of oversized sugary drinks

Published on September 15, 2012 at 5:08 AM · No Comments

The mayoral-appointed panel outlawed the sale of sugary drinks in sizes larger than 16 ounces nearly everywhere, except in grocery and convenience stores.

Reuters: New York Oks Nation's First Ban On Super-Sized Sugary Drinks
New York City passed the first U.S. ban of oversized sugary drinks on Thursday in its latest controversial step to reduce obesity and its deadly complications in a nation with a weight problem. By an 8-0 vote with one abstention, the mayoral-appointed city health board outlawed sugary drinks larger than 16 ounces nearly everywhere they are sold, except groceries and convenience stores (Allen, 9/13).

The Wall Street Journal: New York City Bans Sale Of Big Sugary Beverages
The New York City Board of Health on Thursday approved Mayor Michael Bloomberg's controversial proposal to ban the sale of large sugary drinks in restaurants and other venues, a sweeping initiative that backers hope will reduce obesity and critics decry as government run amok (Saul, 9/13).

CNN (Video): New York Health Board Approves Ban On Large Sodas
New York City's Board of Health voted Thursday to ban the sale of sugary drinks in containers larger than 16 ounces in restaurants and other venues, in a move meant to combat obesity and encourage residents to live healthier lifestyles. The board voted eight in favor, with one abstention. "It's time to face the facts: obesity is one of America's most deadly problems, and sugary beverages are a leading cause of it," said New York Mayor Michael Bloomberg in a statement earlier this month. "As the size of sugary drinks has grown, so have our waistlines -- and so have diabetes and heart disease." But the move is expected to draw further protest from the soda industry and those concerned about government involvement in their personal choices (Lerner, 9/14).

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