ACP urges use of performance measures targeting 'low-value services' to reduce overuse, misuse of these approaches

Published on October 31, 2012 at 4:22 AM · No Comments

The American College of Physicians released a position paper Monday pressing for "valid, evidence-based measures" as a means of raising physician awareness and changing clinician behavior.

Modern Healthcare: Physicians Group Pushes Performance Measures To Combat Healthcare Misuse
The American College of Physicians is pushing for greater use of performance measures targeting overuse and misuse of healthcare services. In a 19-page position paper released Monday, the group argues that measures that gauge the use of "low-value services," such as imaging for low back pain or nonindicated cancer screenings, can raise awareness about healthcare misuse and change clinician behavior. "Just as we need performance measures to assess underuse of high-value services, we need valid, evidence-based measures of overuse," according to the paper (McKinney, 10/29). 

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