Virgin HealthMiles announces partnership with vielife

Published on February 15, 2013 at 3:26 AM · No Comments

vielife, the global provider of health and wellness solutions, has today announced a partnership with Virgin HealthMiles. The partnership will enable Virgin HealthMiles to offer its customers' employees online health coaching as a flexible tool to encourage the adoption of healthier lifestyle choices.

Keen to reduce the costly impact of lifestyle-related and chronic conditions, many U.S. businesses are looking for ways to encourage their staff to take positive steps towards a healthier lifestyle. By engaging with organizations like Virgin HealthMiles, a provider of innovative corporate wellness programs, employers can encourage employees to stay engaged with prevention-focused wellness choices on a long-term basis.

vielife's online lifestyle management programs can now be offered by Virgin HealthMiles to those employees who prefer an online coaching experience. Customized programs can be created around stress, nutrition, physical activity, depression, weight loss or smoking cessation and personalized to help employees achieve their own specific health goals.

Commenting on the partnership, Steve Cottle, head of global partnerships at vielife said: "We are delighted to be partnering with Virgin HealthMiles. Our organizations share the same ethos and by working together we will be able to provide the tools and expertise to help many more organizations in the U.S. successfully achieve their long-terms health objectives.

With absenteeism caused by stress on the rise, and poor nutrition one of the key causes of reduced productivity, organizations around the globe are recognizing the need to engage with their employees to help them make better health-related choices."

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