Elderberry extract prevents H1N1 infection in vitro

Published on September 11, 2009 at 8:01 AM · 4 Comments

The elderberry extract used in the study is the result of technology developed by HerbalScience that enables the company to standardize the chemical profile of any selected botanical in order to deliver a compositionally and functionally consistent product that is effective and safe. The patented technology was developed for the company by top researchers in the areas of botanical and natural products chemistry and plant biology, as well as leading experts in supercritical CO2 and affinity absorbent extraction technologies, methods used for extracting plant phytochemicals.

The company's proprietary and environmentally-friendly technology is able to extract a broad diversity of phytochemicals from botanicals and produce a consistent and reliable chemical "fingerprint" for each and every dose. HerbalScience scientists also developed a process that enables the beneficial chemical compounds in botanicals to be enhanced while removing any harmful compounds like heavy metals and pesticides. With the application of this technology to elderberry, the company achieves a consistent chemical profile in its extract with batch-to-batch and dose-to-dose reliability, and maintains the natural synergy of the chemical make-up while optimizing the efficacy of its health benefits. 


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  1. Carl Carl United States says:

    Caution:  This appears to be, in essence, an "infomercial" by HerbalScience that has little if any real substantiation. Neither "Phytochemical Reviews" nor the "Research Journal of Phytochemistry" seem to have any article such as the one mentioned as having been "published in the peer-review scientific journal Phytochemistry."  As cool as it would be if this were true, it certainly doesn't appear to be.

  2. Laura Laura United States says:

    I've never heard of an infant getting the flu in vitro?   That sounds very strange.  I've heard of complications of the flu affecting the baby while in the womb, but not the baby in the womb getting the flu?!

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