Enzyme Research journal publishes new peer-reviewed article involving Protandim

Published on June 4, 2011 at 2:55 AM · No Comments
LifeVantage Corporation (OTCBB: LFVN), the maker of Protandim®, a clinically demonstrated, science-based therapy for the reduction of oxidative stress by the synergistic activation of Nrf2, announced today that a new peer-reviewed review article involving Protandim® was published in the scientific journal Enzyme Research.  

The review, conducted by researchers at Louisiana State University, examined the biochemical mechanisms that underlie the ability of Protandim® ,when ingested, to suppress tumors in mice.  The ability discussed in this article was previously demonstrated by the authors in a study involving a mouse two-stage model of chemically-induced skin cancer.  Protandim®, a patented dietary supplement comprised of five highly synergistic herbal ingredients, has been shown in earlier studies to activate the transcription factor Nrf2, a signal to the cell's DNA to regulate a network of protective genes. This review compares Protandim's® believed mechanism of action with information derived from similar complementary studies, which have also been aimed at the reduction of oxidative stress which is linked to many diseases including cancer.  Even though results of certain animal testing do not translate into similar results for human subjects, this data is very promising in greatly reducing oxidative stress and may provide the same results in humans.  

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