Range of epigenetic immunoassays from VolitionRx now available for research use

Published on December 17, 2012 at 7:59 AM · No Comments

VolitionRx Limited (OTC: VNRX), a life sciences company focused on developing blood-based diagnostic tests, announces the launch of NuQ®, its range of research use only epigenetic immunoassays, to be available for sale at www.nucleosomics.com. The NuQ® products were launched at the Biochemical Society's Annual Symposium, "Epigenetic mechanisms in development and disease," held last week in Leeds, England.

The NuQ® range of products is based on the Nucleosomics® platform, which identifies and measures nucleosome structures in cell culture, serum, plasma or other biofluids. The initial range comprises 15 immunoassays across four families, each of which captures intact nucleosomes and labels a specific feature:

  • NuQ®-A: a family of Adduct Kits
  • NuQ®-M: a family of Histone Modification Kits
  • NuQ®-V: a family of Histone Variant Kits
  • NuQ®-X: a family of DNA Methylation Kits

A list of products in each family of tests is available on Volition's product website www.nucleosomics.com.

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