BI-2500 Benchtop SPR System from Biosensing Instrument

The new BI-2500 benchtop SPR system offers 3-channel flow mode and delivers high quality binding response for low immobilization and small molecule (<100 Da) detection. Its innovative modular design provides users with optimal flexibility to choose amongst various analysis modules for life science, electrochemistry, and biosensing in liquid and gas phase SPR applications. In addition, its fast detection is ideal for the study of fast kinetics of redox-induced conformational changes in proteins and other biomolecules.

Ideal system for developing biosensors in your research. Its flexible design allows an upgrade path for electrochemical SPR or chemical vapor (gas) SPR combination studies.

Key Features

  • Three-Channel SPR Detection Module
    Provides greater flexibility and faster assay development, doubling the throughput over two-channel SPR systems
  • Innovative Multi-Module Design
    Provides users with maximum flexibility to choose amongst various analysis modules for electrochemistry and chemical vapor applications
  • Wide Dynamic Range and High Sensitivity
    High sensitivity (<10-4 degrees) for both large and small molecules (<100 Daltons) enables users to measure binding constants down to a few pM-1
  • Broad Response Time
    For slow (hours) and fast (< ms) kinetic processes
  • Cost Effective
    System has been designed with affordability in mind, brings SPR technology to your lab on your budget and with your own assay development schedule

Analysis Modules


  • Flow Injection Module for three-channel flow injection SPR research

Optional Accessories:

  • Gas SPR Module for gas phase and chemical vapor SPR research
  • EC-DualFlow™ Module for advanced two-channel electrochemical (EC) flow SPR research
  • EC-SPR Module for electrochemical (EC) SPR research
  • BI Sensor Chips with high uniformity for reproducible SPR research

System Specifications

Base Station Light source 670 nm
Detection speed 4 ms
Incident angles 40-47 Deg (gas) / 67-81 Deg (liquid)
Baseline noise < 0.06 RU RMS (0.01 mDeg RMS)
Baseline drift 1RU/hr (0.17 mDeg/hr) (when ambient drifts < 1 °C/hr)
PC interface USB 3.0
Outer dimension 355(w) x 215 (h) x 365 (d) mm
Weight 8 kg
Power supply 110-230 V 50/60 Hz
Fluid Handling Number of sample flow channels 3 channels
Flow cell material PEEK (biologically compatible)
Flow rate 1.0 to 250 μL/min (application dependent)
Sample injection volume >50 μL (application dependent)
Sample injection method Manual
Channel volume < 32 nL
Injection rise time < 0.2 s
Kinetic constant ka <1 X 108 M-1s-1
kd >1 X 10-6 s-1
Dissociation constant KD = 10-3 M (1 mM) to 10-12 M (1 pM)
Molecular weight cutoff 100 Da
Analysis module 3 channel Flow Injection Analysis Module
Control System Computer Windows operating system
Software BI-SPR software including Data Analysis and Kinetics Analysis packages

Product specification and descriptions in this document are subject to change without notice.


Life Science

Our Flow injection technique and analysis modules can help you with drug discovery and development, protein-protein/ protein-DNA/ protein-drug interaction studies, gene assays, immunosensing, and more.


Our Electrochemical SPR technique and analysis modules can help you with a variety of electro-analytical applications such as anodic stripping analyses, electro polymerization, electro deposition, redox-related conformational change, and more.

Chemical Vapor Sensing

Our Gas Phase SPR technique and analysis modules can help you study fundamental solid-gas interface interactions, detect toxic molecules in the environment, perform various chemical analyses for medical research, and more.

Environment, Food & Beyond

Our BI SPR techniques can help you with broader applications such as food safety, quality control, environmental monitoring, or the development of new high-performance and coupled SPR techniques.