The BioLis 24i / CLC480 chemistry analyzer is the smallest analyzer with the largest menu.

The BioLis 24i / CLC480 uses reusable cuvettes — this eliminates the need to purchase individual reaction cuvettes to be used with each test and eliminates cuvettes that need to be disposed of as hazardous waste. In addition, the Biolis 24i / CLC480 uses a water system, which eliminates the need for water cubes and their additional costs storage space. The Biolis 24i is also compatible with most LIS systems, which eliminates the need for paper documents.

The BioLis 24i / CLC480 performs over 400 tests per hour and has a menu of more than 100 tests, including a direct Drugs of Abuse, whole blood HbA1c, Homocysteine and GlycoMark.

There are more than 3,000 BioLis 24i / CLC480 chemistry analyzers in use worldwide. This chemistry analyzer can be used as a bench top for a physician laboratory or as a back up or special chemistry analyzer in a hospital or reference laboratory. With its comprehensive menu, the chemistry analyzer is excellent for use in pain clinics, and endocrinology and oncology practices.

The combination of speed and menu for the BioLis 24i / CLC480 can not be touched by competitive systems. As an exceptionally easy-to-use chemistry analyzer, this means you will have the ability to make diagnoses more quickly, receive patient results the same day, and adjust medication in real time.

The BioLis 24i /CLC480 performs general chemistries tests — CMP, BMP, lipids, electrolytes, renal panels and liver panels — and special chemistries tests.