With the C15 series lab centrifuge by Actidyn, we get all the functions available from the C10-C12 series of instruments with the additional benefit of a vibrational feature for frequencies up to:

  • 20Hz for the belt-driven C15, and
  • 50Hz for the direct drive version C15.

The belt driven or direct drive series C15 or C15-DD centrifuge is a medium to high accuracy laboratory centrifuge designed for the dynamic test and calibration of precision accelerometers and small electromechanical devices.

Both series make use of AC brushless motor technology that allows for long life maintenance free operation.

The direct drive technology combined with the new generation of all digital AXIDYN LT control system delivers large servo bandwidth and high dynamic response. It also does minimize maintenance cost.

Several models and options are available:

  • Customized electrical slip-rings
  • Optical fiber rotary joint and modems
  • Fluid rotary joints

The new generation of control system AXIDYN LT includes the following operating modes: DC linear acceleration and sinusoidal g profiles.

Optional remote interfaces available are:

  • Ethernet
  • IEEE 488
  • USB port
  • RS232 / RS422
  • I/O analog input/output Based