The CryoTel® product group is designed for use in a wide array of fields that include: astronomy, medical, sensors, telecommunications, gas liquefaction, superconductors, and bio-processing. The CryoTel® cryocoolers are designed to be versatile and adaptable.

Sunpower started developing compact Stirling cryocooler products in the late 1980s. One of the early models, the M77, was introduced in 1992 and sold over 150 units to numerous customers. One M77 cryocooler commissioned by NASA has orbited the earth on the RHESSI satellite since February of 2002.

In response to customers' needs for a lower-cost, higher-volume product, Sunpower developed a cryocooler manufacturing capability in the late 1990s. Sunpower designed the M87 cryocooler, increased emphasis on manufacturability.