LEEC P33 Precision Incubator has a stainless steel chamber, adjustable aluminium shelves and toughened inner glass viewing doors. The outer cabinet is rust-resistant and finished in powder coated paint. Two 12mm access ports are provided so that cables for shakers or monitoring probes can be passed into the incubator.


The heating system has a profiled element to eliminate hot spots. Polyurethane insulation is foamed in-situ to help ensure optimum temperature control. Operation of the incubator at or below room temperature can be achieved when the built in cooling coil is connected to a source of chilled water (e.g. LEEC self contained recirculating cooler unit).


The P33 has fan assisted air circulation via a full-width duct to ensure optimum temperature stability throughout the chamber. When the outer doors are opened, the internal fans stop so that heat loss is kept to a minimum.

The microprocessor temperature controller maintains the set temperature to within 0.1°C. The easy to use temperature controller shows both target and actual temperatures in real time. Indicators show when the heater is active and if an over temperature condition has occured. The independent over temperature safety cut out is easily adjusted by the user.