SP250 Digital Biological Microscope from Brunel

The SP250 is an excellent example of a modern design concept. In our opinion this model represents the ideal union of digital imaging and high performance optics. The microscope is based on a large stable stand, finished to a very modern design. Incorporated into the microscopes head is an LCD viewing screen that folds down for protective storage. There are two output systems - analogue suitable for TV/Monitors, and digital suitable for direct download to PC/Laptop via a USB connection. USB and phono/scart connection leads are provided. An SD media card slot is present. 

The head block of the microscope contains double electronic processing so that both TV and PC connection is possible. The microscope will also attach directly to a digital projector. The video output and binocular optical pictures have been matched and are parfocal with an equivalent field of view under normal circumstances. The LCD screen is just raised, turned on, and an image is obtained automatically without any further adjustments being needed.

The binocular head has full interocular and dioptric adjustment with x10 widefield eyepieces. The unit has a backward facing quadruple nosepiece with excellent plan infinity corrected objectives x4, x10, x40 and x100 (oil). The large mechanical stage has drop down controls and a double vernier scale.