SampleVault Modular Long-Term Automated Sample Store from HighRes

SampleVault is a high-density, fully automated way to store and retrieve precious chemical and biological samples. SampleVault can also deliver tubes, vials, and plate-based samples right to automated systems. SampleVault is modular, so one can get the capacity needed now, and expand in the future as the storage needs grow.

Samples can be delivered to any HighRes storage device, like an AmbiStore or mobile TundraStore on a MicroCart that can dock to other automated systems via MicroDock docking stations. Or, SampleVault can output samples directly to one or more automated systems via conveyors. Samples can also be delivered to stackers for manual retrieval.

Key Features:

  • Configurable and modular: choose number of storage modules, I/O modules, and tube pickers
  • Compatible with ACell™, MicroDock™, MicroCart™, NanoCell™, and MicroStar™