200 Series Gas Chromatograph from Ellutia

200 Series Gas Chromatograph

The 200 Series Gas Chromatograph with its patented flow through technology is now well established at providing excellent chromatographic performance and reliability at realistic prices.

Each GC is a dedicated single channel unit with a split/split-less injector and programmable pressure control as standard and a choice of detector options. Flame ionisation, flame photometric, thermal conductivity and electron capture detectors can cover most of the analytical applications in industry today. Manual or automatic gas sampling valves can also be fitted to the 200 Series GC.

With the a Range of Autosampler options Chromstar download software and Ellution Chromatography Data Station Ellutia can offer the complete integrated package to solve your analytical requirements.


  • Single Channel Instrument
  • Range of Autosamplers for Liquid, Headspace and SPME sample introduction.
  • Electronic Programmable Pressure Control of carrier gas with up to 5 programmable pressure ramps.
  • 1 or 10V output to integrations system
  • Choice of FID, FPD, TCD or ECD
  • Either local control through the keypad with 5 internally stored methods or create and download methods from you PC using Chromstar.
  • Column oven accommodates all column sizes up to 7” cage, 100-530 μm, 10-120 m capillary and packed.
  • Column Oven Range 15 ˚C above ambient up to 300 ˚C
  • Range of Colours Available

Chromstar GC control

Optional Chromstar method download software allows you to create, save and download methods to your 200 Series GC. Chromstar features a simple and intuitive user interface that makes creating or changing a method quick and easy.

Chromstar allows control of:

  • Column ramps and ramp rates
  • Gas pressure programming
  • Injector temperatures
  • Detector temperatures.

Ellution Data Station

Ellution Chromatography Data Station from Ellutia is an advanced chromatography station designed to acquire and evaluate data from up to four chromatograph’s at a time. Ellution - a top product in its category - represents a universal solution for laboratories. It enables the user to acquire data from the 200 Series Gas Chromatograph using the standard analogue output.

Red wine sample

Pesticide mix AB #1

Technical Specification


  • Split/splitless injector supplied as standard with all instruments
  • Split linearity better than 3% up to 200:1
  • Injector temperature range 60 - 280˚C
  • Optional capillary on-column adaptor
  • Optional gas sampling valve

Gas Controls

  • Electronic pressure control of carrier gas of 0.3 to 50psi, fully programmable with up to five ramps. Maximum total flow 250ml/min
  • Detector gas control fixed sinter (apply the specified pressure to the instrument for correct gas flow rates
  • Optional two channel gas box to allow variability of detector gases

Columns Oven

  • Accommodates all capillary columns up to 7 inch cage, maximum length 120m (5 inch cages required above 60 metres)
  • Optional packed column capability
  • Temperature range from 15 ˚C above ambient to 300 ˚C
  • 5 ramp temperature programming
  • Ramp rates up to 40 ˚C/min below 200 ˚C, up to 20 ˚C above 200 ˚C
  • Maximum isothermal temperature 240 ˚C



  • Temperature range from 100 ˚C to 320 ˚C
  • FID minimum detectable quantity of 5x10-12 grams of carbon (signal 3x noise level). FID linear range 106
  • TCD has 4 tungsten filaments. TCD filament temperatures: 180˚C, 240˚C or 320˚C
  • FPD - Phosphorus mode range with accuracy of 5x10-13 g of Phosphorus per second
  • FPD - Sulphur mode near square law response for sulphur with accuracy of 5x10-11 g of sulphur per second
  • ECD minimum detectable quantity of 0.05x10-12 grams of lindane (signal 3x noise level). ECD linear range 103


  • Built-in keypad, incorporating 2x16 character LCD display
  • PC control via method download software
  • Run line control allows the use of most recorders, integrators and PC integration packages

Size / Weight/Power

  • Size 16 cm (H) x 41 cm (W) x 34 cm (D)
  • Weight 7.5kg, 16.5 lbs
  • Power 800VA, 230V/50/60Hz, 115V/50/60Hz


Available in blue, green, grey, orange, red, violet and yellow