The ABBOTT PRISM System is an automated immunoassay analyzer designed to perform Chemiluminescent immunoassay (ChLIA) technology. The ABBOTT PRISM performs batch/continuous access and STAT processing of specimens. The ABBOTT PRISM system is intended for in vitro diagnostic use only.

A high throughput, highly automated test system for blood screening:

The ABBOTT PRISM is a fully automated, high-volume blood screening instrument designed to enhance the safety of the blood supply. Before a blood donation can enter the blood supply, it is tested for evidence of exposure to viruses that might cause disease. This screening process involves numerous assays, multiple test instruments and many manual steps. The ABBOTT PRISM instrument consolidates much of this testing into a single system, reducing errors and tampering by automating the manual testing procedures and steps currently used to screen blood.

Features & Benefits:

ABBOTT PRISM is an instrument designed with, and for the transfusion industry. It is a high throughput, highly automated test system for blood screening. It has revolutionized the industry due to the following features and benefits:

Tamper Resistant:

By automating, the ABBOTT PRISM instrument reduces the risk of accidents, errors or tampering of results. In fact, it reduces the opportunity for human intervention. Something that you, your customers, and your recipients will all appreciate.

cGMP Compliant:

ABBOTT PRISM was specifically designed to improve and automate cGMP monitoring and reporting throughout the testing process.

Automated Process Control:

Manual checks and procedures are necessary yet tedious. ABBOTT PRISM was specifically designed to automatically take care of the routine details: processing, monitoring, and documenting for every run.

Improved Lab Efficiency:

ABBOTT PRISM is designed to increase lab efficiency. It reduces manual steps and checks so you can reallocate workers and resources to more labor intensive procedures. ABBOTT PRISM increases throughput by running up to 160 samples per hour with STAT test capability in under one hour. ABBOTT PRISM increases throughput while reducing the number of failed runs due to human error. Simply put, this instrument can save you time and money.

ChLIA Technology:

ABBOTT PRISM is a flexible and highly efficient system, using microparticles as the solid phase, with chemiluminescence as the detection chemistry. Fifteen years of proven technology is now being used in most major hospitals and reference laboratories and is now available in the transfusion market. It provides accuracy, precision, speed, and automation.

Usage and Safety Information ABBOTT PRISM

System operators must be aware of both biohazardous risks and risks inherent in operating electromechanical equipment and are responsible for using the system only as designed. Failure to follow safe use instructions could cause injury to the operator, damage to the system, or adversely affect assay results.