Aquarius Double Beam Optical System from Cecil Instruments

Powerful Integral Control
Rapid operation with ease of use is provided by the powerful software built into the computing system of the Aquarius instruments. The standard software is remarkably comprehensive but may be expanded, at any time, by E-SEF to release additional software modules when required.

Double Beam Optical System
The fully symmetrical double beam system of the Aquarius instruments provides for the highest accuracy of measurement coupled with a very high level of stability with time. Both sample and reference beams are provided with the same sampling space and facilities, thus catering for the widest possible range of experimental requirements and not limited to just a single cell in the reference beam.

Scans Viewed By Scrolling
By scrolling information across the display screen, the effective width of the screen is increased to a massive 550mm. Long scans, plots and other data may be viewed in much more detail, than with other instruments as viewing is not limited to one screen width of information.

Rapid Menu Operation
The large backlit high resolution LCD screen displays menus for all applications, with clear prompts for all entries and procedures. Scans, plots, curves and data are all displayed on the screen and may be reprocessed or manipulated before storing or producing a printout.

Dynamic Scan Recall
The Aquarius instruments are provided with the ability automatically to store the last eight scans or plots without the need to carry out a scan storage procedure. The scans or plots are automatically stored as they are made and may be recalled simply by entering their sequence number. The recalled plots may then be reprocessed, manipulated, overlaid with another live scan, or scan recalled from memory. The recalled, or reprocessed scan, may then be stored in integral memory security code protected.

Software Enhancement by E-SEF
This unique design feature - Encoded Software Enhancement Facility - provided by Cecil Instruments, enables any required additional software module to be released by an encoded entry. The encoded entry required is obtained by telephone, fax or E-mail, enabling you to expand your library of methods, without delay, when a new application arises within your laboratory.

Method Operation
Any procedure may be stored as a method in the security code protected integral memory of the Aquarius instruments. When a method is recalled, all instrument parameters are automatically set, without operator intervention, thus ensuring that the original conditions are exactly replicated.

Scan Storage
Scans, plots and curves may all be stored, for future use, with confidence in the integrity of the data. Integral memory is provided for up to 100 scans, protected by the operators personal security codes.

Although scans may be in Absorbance, transmittance or derivative format, any scan may be transformed to an alternative format by the very rapid reprocessing facility provided.

Fully Documented Scans
All scans are fully documented on screen and in hard copy. Tables of all peaks and valleys are produced together with instrument, sample and operator details. Scans recalled from the instruments integral memory or by dynamic scan recall are also fully documented.