The BD FACSVerse™ flow cytometer was engineered from the ground up to offer remarkable performance, flexibility, and ease of operation for research applications using up to 10 parameters. Innovation in hardware design, and in the new BD FACSuite™ software, delivers users a seamless workflow from system setup, through data acquisition, analysis, and shutdown.


Reliable Performance for All Users

The compact optical system uses free-space lasers to concentrate intensity at the flow cell. It is designed to minimize light loss and maximize resolution for multicolor applications. A number of innovations built into the optical system—including patented automated laser alignment, smart filter-mirror units for the detector arrays, and a stainless steel flow cell—are designed to maximize reliability and improve system performance.

Best-in-Class Design with Exceptional Flexibility

Through the precise coordination of the optical and fluidics subsystems, the BD FACSVerse™ analyzer offers best-in-class optical detection, sensitivity, and flexibility for multicolor applications.

Truly Universal Walkaway Processing

The optional BD FACS™ Universal Loader automates sample handling, enabling rapid processing of multitube racks and microtiter plates in this single unit. Designed to be easy to use and flexible, this option supports walkaway operation for busy research laboratories.