BioStore Automated Sample Storage System from Brooks

The Brooks -80°C BioStore is designed to ensure sample integrity as a first priority. The configuration of the storage system ensures that sample temperature remains stable during storage and that temperature fluctuation during storage is virtually eliminated. The combined effects of the positioning of the -80°C evaporator, coupled with a storage compartment with a high internal thermal mass, maximize temperature homogeneity across the stored content and limit any change in the storage environment uniformity. The rapid robotic movements in the Brooks BioStore, whether during transport of tube racks or during tube selection, contribute to keeping the sample temperature close to the storage temperature.

Key Features and Benefits: 

  • Automated, functional, self-contained biological sample storage unit
  • Bio-specimen value ensured during long-term sample storage
  • Temperature stability & homogeneity
  • Environmental humidity control
  • REMP® Tube Technology support
  • Flexible, upgradable, modular design
  • Reliable, unattended robotic operation
  • Unambiguous sample tracking
  • Complete audit trails