The Imaging System ChemoLum 8300 is a system which can be individually adapted with different modules of illumination according to the needs and wishes of the customer. It is possible to do chemiluminescence as well as multiplex fluorescence detection.

ChemoLum 8300 is especially designed for detection of weak signals.

  • The system consists of an absolutely lighttight housing with black inside though very weak signals can still be detected.

  • A Scientific Grade CCD camera with 16 bit and 8,3 Mega-Pixel which can be cooled 40° beyond room temperature guaranties with big pixel size and binning function (condensing of pixel to one Superpixel) high sensitivity.
  • An outstanding fixed lens with f: 1:0,9 improves the sensitivity. A zoom lens is not approbiate for weak signals.

Handling of the camera and the filter wheel:

  • The zoom function is given by changing the height positon of the camera. The maximum gel size of this system is 24 x 30 cm.
  • Aperture and Focus are motorized and are software controlled.
  • Four presets can be stored and individual setting is possible as well
  • The filter wheel has 5 positions. One position remains free for chemoluminescence detection. The positioning of a filter is also software controlled. Following optical filters are available: