DispenSix liquid handling solution

Quick and accurate handling of sample solutions is vital for titration analyses.  Mettler Toledo’s DispenSix completely automates liquid handling tasks, like sample preparation with up to 4 liquids, making of dilution series and aliquoting or sampling of liquids.

The DispenSix liquid handler consists of an invincible dead volume and high resolution, thereby removing cross-contamination and providing highly precise dispensing. When used in combination with METTLER TOLEDO T7 and T9 Excellence titrators, a DispenSix liquid handler helps efficiently automate both easy and complicated titration applications.

Image Credit: Mettler Toledo - Titration

Accurate and precise

A total of 120,000 resolution steps guarantees precise dispensing of an extensive range of volume increments, from 10 µL to 500 mL. High precision and accuracy are ensured by conforming to the specifications of ISO 8655-3.

DispenSix: Liquid handling automation for sample preparation

Image Credit: Mettler Toledo - Titration

Plug and play

With automatic recognition of the DispenSix liquid handler, users can expedite daily routine tasks and eliminate setup errors. A built-in RFID tag helps to store all appropriate data, like the configuration of liquids or reagents. Users can switch between application setups easily and quickly.

Image Credit: Mettler Toledo - Titration


The DispenSix liquid handler is simple to clean and chemically resistant. Is also sturdy against several kinds of samples and reagents while being easy to maintain as a result of its direct disassembling mechanism.

Image Credit: Mettler Toledo - Titration

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