EP200 Series Monochromators from Verity

The EP200™ Series monochromators are designed to measure a single wavelength of light in the range of 185–925nm. When used with Verity’s system controllers and the proper optical input path, the EP200 Series provides robust endpoint detection for production or research applications.

The EP200 Series is used extensively in semiconductor and related thin film applications for endpoint detection in etch, CVD etchback, photoresist stripping and related applications. The EP200Mmd is designed for manual adjustment of wavelengths. The EP200Msd permits computer-controlled spectral scanning through the use of a stepper motor, hardened lead screw assembly and position encoders. 

Features and Benefits

  • Enables measurement in low light applications through high-gain photomultiplier tube
  • Adjusts for varying light conditions through automatic gain control feature when used with Verity’s system controllers
  • Avoids overlapping spectra through excellent resolution
  • Manual and scanning versions to meet the needs of different applications
  • Repeatable wavelength measurement through hardened lead screw assembly