The HI 88703 turbidity benchtop meter is specially designed for water quality measurements, providing reliable and accurate readings on low turbidity ranges. This instrument has an EPA compliance reading mode which rounds the reading to meet EPA reporting requirements. Alternative EBC and Nephelos measuring units are available. Depending on the measured sample and needed accuracy, normal, continuous or signal averaging measurement can be selected.


  • Two measuring ranges: Ratio turbidity, non-ratio turbidity
  • Meets USEPA requirements
  • GLP features        
  • Two, three, four or five point turbidity calibration
  • USB PC connectivity
  • Log up to 200 measurements
  • Contextual help and tutorial mode

A two, three, four or five-point calibration could be performed by using the supplied standards. When user prepared standards are used, calibration points can be modified.

H 88703 features complete GLP (Good Laboratory Practice) functions that allows traceability of the calibration conditions. The last calibration points, time and date can be checked.

Up to 200 measurements can be stored in internal memory. Data can be transferred to a PC via optional HI 920013 USB cable and HI 92000 Windows® compatible software.