KH-7700 Digital Microscope System from Hirox

KH-7700 Digital Microscope System is HIROX's newest most advanced development. The digital camera, light source, LCD monitor, computer and software are all integrated into this one unit. The KH-7700 provides the user with the ultimate in high performance observation, measurement, analysis, recording, management, and output.

Expanding the CCD's Dynamic Range to "naked eye" resolution.

The S-HDR function is a ground-breaking observation technology based on a Hirox original algorithm. It reproduces a dynamic range as a visual image in ways unheard-of until now. This function provides for easy, ultra-precise observation and analysis by extracting and producing accurate image data from parts of images that could not be detected previously because of halation or darkness.

360 Degree View Rotary Head Adapter: 

This adapter uses a rotating mirror that has passed high-level inspection standards. 360 degree rotation of the mirror enables the side state of the subject to be thoroughly observed. The subject shape can be freely ascertained in a limited space and in 3D without the need to tilt the lens or subject or make complex focus adjustments

"Easy-to-Use" Technology:

“ACS” stands for “Auto Calibration Select,” a Hirox original function. The ACS function automatically selects the lens and calibration values as the lens and magnification are changed.

ACS Advantage in 2D:

The ACS function prevents selecting incorrect calibration data during image measurement. As the lens is zoomed in/out, the lens is re-calibrated immediately, allowing for fast and accurate measurements at various magnifications

ACS Advantage in 3D:

The function recognizes the lens and selected magnification providing the system with the depth-of-field data. As a result, the travel speed of the motorized Z-axis is automatically adjusted. This allows for fast and accurate 3D measurement.