FT-IR Microscopy and Imaging for the Life Sciences: LUMOS II

Bruker’s LUMOS II FT-IR microscope delivers excellent visual and spectral data quality, in addition to completely automated measurements in all modes — ATR, transmission, and reflection. The LUMOS II is the optimal infrared microscopy solution for novice FT-IR users as well as experts.

The unique Focal Plane Array (FPA) detector technology from Bruker enables users to experience detailed imaging at speeds like never before. This, together with the liquid-nitrogen-free TE-MCT, allows users to fully leverage the huge possibilities of µ-FT-IR.

The OPUS IR software supports the users at any time and guides them effortlessly through measurement, evaluation and reporting.


  • Completely automated FT-IR microscope
  • FT-IR imaging at exceptional speed by FPA technology
  • More than 1000 spatially resolved IR spectra in a single scan
  • Excellent spatial resolution and high-quality spectral data
  • Compliant to GMP, all major Pharmacopoeias and 21 CFR part 11
  • TE-MCT requires no liquid nitrogen for measurements ≥ 10 µm
  • Up to three detector positions (e.g. TE-MCT + LN-MCT + FPA)
  • Samples with a height of up to 40 mm can be analyzed
  • Automated transmission, reflection and ATR measurements
  • Evaluation and measurement are software-supported
  • Built-in piezo-controlled ATR crystal


FTIR Microscopy and Imaging reimagined – This is the LUMOS II


Bruker’s LUMOS II FT-IR spectrometer is fully compliant to all pharmaceutical regulations like GLP FDA 21 CFR part 11, cGMP, and all pharmacopoeias. It is the first instrument to offer Ph.Eur. 5.24 compliance. Thanks to automated instrument qualification tests (OQ/PQ/PhEur/PhJp/USP, and more), users now have the time to focus on their analytical tasks — determine the distribution of API and excipients; investigate granules, powders, and tablets; find and recognize particles and other contaminants.


Through micro-FT-IR analysis, users can gain vital insights into biology. Users can find out dysfunctional tissues, particular disease patterns, or even new disease-related biomarkers. The LUMOS II from Bruker offers a large field of view and fast imaging capabilities, thereby simplifying lengthy tissue analyses.


In the field of forensics, the tiniest detail could be of utmost significance. FT-IR microscopy is the ideal method to examine the smallest trace evidence. It allows the analysis of drugs, fibers, varnishes and paints and to reach the bottom of tricky analytical questions.

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