Responding to customer demand, Microfluidics has launched the LV1 low volume benchtop machine, which brings high shear Microfluidizer processing capabilities to samples as small as 1 ml.

  • Sample size: 1 ml to 6 ml per sample with operator settable volume control
  • Shear rate: 12.25 million sec-1 at 2069 bar (30,000 psi)
  • Uniform particle size reduction and cell disruption
  • Nanoemulsions, nanosuspensions, nanoencapsulation

Utilizing Microfluidics’ fixed-geometry interaction chamber technology, the LV1 is capable of processing a wide variety of fluids such as oil-in-water emulsions, solids-in-liquid suspensions, and cells, including the most difficult yeasts and plant cells, in as few as 1-2 passes. What’s more, the process is repeatable and is guaranteed to scale up to pilot and/or production volumes.

With the LV1, researchers with limited resources and high value samples are able to enhance their wide variety of applications and materials with benefits only a Microfluidizer processor can provide:

  • Stable nanoemulsions 
  • Highest protein recovery (typically >99% for E. coli after one pass)
  • Challenging cell disruption (e.g. yeast, insect cells)
  • Improved bioavailability
  • Targeted delivery
  • Nanoencapsulation (e.g. polymers, liposomes )
  • Deagglomeration