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Magnetic Particle Imaging (MPI)

Magnetic Particle imaging is a real-time tomographic imaging technique that utilizes superparamagnetic iron oxide nanoparticles as tracer materials. The spatial resolution of magnetic particle imaging is <1 mm, acquisition time is <0.1 s, and sensitivity is at micromolar level. The induction signals obtained are used to determine particle concentration and distribution. Magnetic Particle Imaging has many advantages: fast image results, high resolution, high contrast, and no radiation or iodine usage. It has many applications in materials science, medicine, and preclinical research studies. Magnetic Particle Imaging is an important tool in disease diagnosis and therapy and finds use in a variety of medical applications, particularly in cardiovascular system for safe angiography, in red blood cell labeling, for identifying vulnerable plaque such as atherosclerotic plaque, for identifying lymph node metastasis (in oncology), and in therapeutic imaging, immune related imaging, and stem cell tracking.

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