Media Preparation

Media preparation products provide an optimum growing environment for culturing microbiological organisms. Media preparation products differ based on the types of nutrients and their combination. “Complex” media are used in the growth of a majority of heterotrophic organisms; “defined” media are used for microbiological assays, photoautotrophs, chemoautotrophs, and for growing particular heterotrophic organisms; “selective” media stimulate growth of desired microbial organisms; “differential” media differentiate specific microbe types from the remaining; “enrichment” media help in reproduction of microbes to a level that can be detected while the remaining bacterial population is not stimulated; and “reducing” media help in the growth of anaerobes. Media preparation products have vast applications in the field of molecular biology, beverages, brewery, food and water control, cosmetic and dairy industry, clinical, environmental, agriculture, soil, and veterinary media, testing disinfectants, sterility and sensitivity, determining vitamins, and production of vaccines.

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