MArS Microarray Scanner from Ditabis

The MArS is ideal for every laboratory and individual use, whether commercial biochips or self-created microarrays. The MArS offers enough flexibility to read out every microarray slide made of glass or plastics.

In addition, the software SpotScout provides the required values to be able to make scientific and reliable statements.

The easy to use fluorescence scanner saves lab time by running up to 4 slides in one scan job.

The  one-mouse-click operation for routine applications is based on predefined scan protocols including data analysis algorithms; optionally triggered by  barcode reading.

Maximum flexible scan protocols provide high quality and efficiency for your individual research applications.

The stand alone system is fitting in every lab due to it‘s small size - and also offers high value for a really affordable price.


  • Best price performance ratio
  • Scan four slides simultaneously and save time
  • Peltier-cooled laser modules to get the best scan results at every temperature
  • Up to six emission filters for flexibility at different fluorescence colorants
  • Integrated grey filter to read out barcodes
  • 20-bit dynamic range for gene expression and miRNA
  • Automatic grid finding
  • Verification Kit for the automatic detection and removal of errors.