Mega Vac Smoke Evacuators from Megadyne

The new MEGA VAC Plus Smoke Evacuator provides surgeons with a quiet, comfortable smoke evacuation tool with adjustable flow rates, evacuation times and a patented internal valve to prevent backflow. 

It is specifically designed for cautery intensive cases, oncology procedures, Leep/Letz and all other open procedures, the MEGA VAC Smoke Evacuation System includes: 

  • Smoke Evacuators that create effective suction with less noise during electrosurgical procedures; 
  • Telescopic Nose Pencil that allows a surgeon to adjust and extend the working length of the pencil from 1" to 6" without changing the electrode, saving time and money; 
  • Flexible Tubing and Swivel Connectors providing flexibility for carrying smoke away from the surgical site without inhibiting the surgeon; 
  • Megadyne's Original E-Z Clean Cautery Tips with patented PTFE coating to reduce tissue build-up and ergonomic, small profile design; 
  • Replacement Alert Tones eliminate unnecessary filter replacement. The system sounds an alerting tone when a filter is obstructed and requires replacing; and 
  • Combination Prefilter, ULPA filter and Fluid Trap that captures particulate matter (0.1 microns at 99.999954% efficient), fluids that can damage the filter, and prevents smoke particles from infiltrating the operating room by alerting the operator when the ULPA filter is clogged.