Maximize throughput to unleash your ambitions

The NovaSeq X and NovaSeq X Plus Sequencing Systems deliver extraordinary throughput and accuracy to perform data-intensive applications at production scale.

Illumina NovaSeq X Series | The limits of high-throughput sequencing redefined

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Sequencing more sustainably than ever

Propel your research forward to impact the world, not the environment.  The NovaSeq X and NovaSeq X Plus systems were purpose-designed to be our most sustainable sequencing systems with reductions in packaging weight and waste, maximizing storage space and saving on disposal costs.

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Powered by XLEAP-SBS chemistry

An even faster, higher quality, and more robust version of our proven sequencing by synthesis (SBS) chemistry. XLEAP-SBS chemistry delivers the highest level of data accuracy and performance, and the increased stability enables remarkable sustainability benefits.

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DRAGEN Bio-IT Platform, available onboard

Available onboard or in the cloud, DRAGEN Bio-IT platform provides award-winning accuracy for rapid, easy-to-use, and efficient genomic data analysis.  As integrated into the NovaSeq X series, the DRAGEN platform can run multiple secondary analysis pipelines in parallel. Perform up to four simultaneous applications per flow cell in a single run.

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For Research Use Only. Not for use in diagnostics procedures.