PeptiGels® for 2D and 3D Cell Culture

Manchester BIOGEL’s PeptiGels® are fully synthetic, ready-to-use peptide hydrogels that are biologically applicable and designed to match the needs of your cells.

The PeptiGels® are used for 3D and 2D cell culture and are specifically engineered with a variety of chemical functionalities and mechanical properties to imitate the native cellular micro-environment to facilitate the growth of all types of cells.

Product features

  • Reproducible
  • Modular
  • Convenient
  • Transparent
  • Biocompatible
  • Ready to use
  • Animal-free
  • Storage 4 °C

Manchester BIOGEL’s PeptiGels® are available in a variety of regular formulations or in customized kits, all designed for the requirements of user cells. These include the company’s Starter Pack, Functional Kit, and Mechanical Kits.

Standard peptiGels®

Manchester BIOGEL’s PeptiGels® are designed for various properties and formulation. The regular PeptiGels® come in volumes of 5, 10, and 20 mL and multiples thereof.

Table 1. Source: Manchester BIOGEL

PeptiGel® Alpha 1 Alpha 2 Alpha 4 Gamma 1 Gamma 2 Gamma 4
G' (kPa) 5 10 1 2.5 5 0.5
Charge Neutral Charged Charged Neutral Charged Charged


Starter pack

When starting with PeptiGels®, Manchester BIOGEL recommends its Starter Pack. This comprises five types of PeptiGel® formulations for customers to test with their cells and identify the most ideal setting for their cell requirements. Manchester BIOGEL’s Starter Pack is supplied in regular volumes of 5 or 2 mL of each formulation.

Table 2. Source: Manchester BIOGEL

PeptiGel® Alpha 1 Alpha 2 Alpha 4 Gamma 2 Alpha 2 - RGD
G' (kPa) 5 10 1 5 10
Charge Neutral Charged Charged Charged Charged


Mechanical kit

Customers can learn about the impact of mechanical stiffness for each of Manchester BIOGEL’s PeptiGels® with the help of the MechanoKits to discover the ideal environment for their cells’ requirements. Manchester BIOGEL’s MechanoKits are delivered in regular volumes of 5, 10, and 20mL of each PeptiGel®.


Image Credit: Manchester BIOGEL

Table 3. Source: Manchester BIOGEL

MechanoKit 1 MechanoKit 2 MechanoKit 4
Neutral Charge Positively Charged
PeptiGel® G'/kPa PeptiGel® G'/kPa PeptiGel® G'/kPa
Kappa 1 10 Kappa 2 20 Kappa 4 4
Alpha 1 5 Alpha 2 10 Alpha 4 1
Gamma 1 1 Gamma 2 5 Gamma 4 0.5


Functional kit

Customers can choose from a variety of functionalized PeptiGels® that offer biochemical cues to study the response of cells in the 3D setting.

The functional kits are available in regular volumes of 5, 10, and 20 mL of each PeptiGel®.


Image Credit: Manchester BIOGEL

Table 4. Source: Manchester BIOGEL

  Functional Kit 1 Functional Kit 2 Functional Kit 4
Charge Neutral Charged Charged
G' (kPa) 5 10 1
Functionaliztion PeptilGel® PeptilGel® PeptilGel®
None Alpha 1 Alpha 2 Alpha 4
Fibronectin Alpha 1 - RGD Alpha 2 - RGD Alpha 4 - RGD
Laminin Alpha 1 - IKVAV Alpha 2 - IKVAV Alpha 4 - IKVAV
Laminin Alpha 1 - YIGSR Alpha 2 - YIGSR Alpha 4 - YIGSR
Collagen Alpha 1 - GFOGER Alpha 2 - GFOGER Alpha 4 - GFOGER



PeptiSols are Manchester BIOGEL’s specially developed, ready-to-use solutions to dilute PeptiGels® and PeptiInks®. PeptiSols have been designed to assist users achieve preferred mechanical strengths for cells’ requirements and applications.

The use of PeptiSols guarantees that the stability and properties of the hydrogels are preserved, thus promoting reproducible results while saving you resources and time. Manchester BIOGEL’s regular PeptiSols are delivered in volumes of 5, 10, and 20 mL.

Table 5. Source: Manchester BIOGEL

PeptiSols PeptiSol 1 PeptiSol 2 PeptiSol 4
Compatible PeptiGels® Alpha 1
Gamma 1
Kappa 1
Alpha 2
Gamma 2
Kappa 2
Alpha 4
Gamma 4
Kappa 4
Compatible PeptiInks® Alpha 1 Alpha 2 Alpha 4