Precision-Aire Series Pneumatic Isolation Tables and Tabletop Platforms from Fabreeka

The Precision-Aire™ series table provides a self-leveling work surface and low frequency isolation in laboratories, cleanrooms and inspection areas where footfall and structural vibration can decrease performance, reliability and accuracy.

The work surface is isolated by four pneumatic isolators which have a vertical and horizontal natural frequency of 1.5 Hz. Leveling valves provide accurate, repeatable leveling of the work surface.

ISO Tab-L tabletop platforms are ideal for desktops and benches in laboratories and Q.C. rooms, where they effectively isolate structural and floor vibration. Isolation is provided in the vertical and horizontal axes by pneumatic isolators located beneath the work surface.


  • PAT tables are designed to support payloads of 400 to 2,500 pounds.
  • Work surface options include stainless steel, plastic laminate and stainless steel breadboard with mounting holes. The plastic laminate and stainless steel surface construction includes a highly damped epoxy to reduce "ringing" of the steel support plate.
  • Accessories available with the isolation tables include arm rest pads, sliding shelves, enclosures, casters and front and rear lean bars.
  • The compact design of the ISO Tab-L platform enables a working height of 3 to 3.75 inches and will support and isolate precision instruments weighing between 50 lbs and 900 lbs.
  • ISO Tab-L platforms are available in four sizes. Work surfaces available include polished granite, polished stainless steel and black anodized aluminum.


  • Microscopy - Video/Optical, Atomic Force, Scanning Probe Electron
  • Biomedical - Cell Injection/Manipulation, Invitro Fertilization, Electrophysiology, Neuro Analysis
  • Semiconductor - Micropositioning, X-Y Stages, Mask Aligners, Wafer Probers, Optical Inspection
  • Metrology - Form/Contour Measurement, Roughness/Roundness, Profilometers, CD Metrology