The SY3200™ system is one of the most innovative and versatile Flow Cytometry Research platforms available in the market.

True innovation drives superior performance and versatility in the SY3200 system. From optics to electronics, revolutionary technology provides solutions that enable the complex applications of today and tomorrow.

Advancements in the discovery of new markers and new dyes have improved the ability to identify more populations in a single assay. This has advanced the use of flow cytometry in an increasing number of applications as well as challenged instrumentation to continue to adapt to new parameters.

The SY3200 has been designed to easily adapt to the ever-increasing need for flexibility and sensitivity in new applications. Whereas some systems are merely evolutionary in design, the SY3200 brings revolutionary, innovative and cutting edge technology to elevate the science of flow cytometry.

The innovative and flexible laser delivery array allows for ultimate laser compatibility while the unique reflective collection optics ensure maximum fluorescence collection efficiency. Powerful, Sony designed electronics enable the collection of high-resolution data and ultra-high-speed cell sorting while maintaining superior sensitivity.

Plug and Play PMTs in the Scalable PMT Array (SPA) module provide the ultimate flexibility in collection options while minimizing cost. The SY3200 provides true innovation to deliver a comprehensive cell sorting solution that meets the challenges of the increasing complexity of research flow cytometry applications.

This dual Highly Automated Parallel Sorting (HAPS) configuration of the SY3200 can effectively double your lab’s capacity with a single instrument platform. For example, you can easily half the time of long, rare event sort with an additional sorter setup.

Alternatively, one module can be set up for routine immunophenotyping applications, while the second can be dedicated to special applications such as side population assay, basic GFP sorting or optimized for multiple fluorescent protein analysis and sorting.

Key benefits:

Benchtop System

The benchtop system is a compact ergonomic design that fits easily on a standard lab bench. This configuration is highlighted by accessibility to all system components to allow easy configuration of laser and detector setups.

Floor Standing System

The floor standing system delivers a unique design for labs that are bench space limited. This configuration which includes an integrated workbench can be easily upgraded to a BSC.

Integrated Biosafety Cabinet

The integrated biosafety cabinet option is yet another truly innovative approach in design that is tailored to the unique requirements of a lab performing biohazardous or sterile sorting.