Super-Bright table is a multi-dyes UV transilluminator. For instance, it works for both Syber-Green and Ethidium bromide gels.

The transilluminator is equipped with an innovative UV filter which dramatically improves the quality of gel visualization and gel documentation. The filter stops all the visible light emitted by the UV tubes.

Results for gel documentation

Thanks to the Super-Bright, the excitation light from the transilluminator is far-off the fluorescent light emitted by the gel. This ensures the transmission of the total fluorescent signal of the Syber-Green gel or of the Ethidium bromide.

Results for gel visualization

The Super-Bright filter stops all the visible light produced by the UV tubes. The UV tubes aqre virtually no more visible.

Key features

  • Works with both Syber-Green and Ethidium bromide
  • No more background light from the UV tubes
  • Better contrast: easiest visualization of very faint bands
  • Unlimited filter life expectancy
  • Maximum transmission of the fluorescent to the camera
  • Ondulex® reflector
  • High UV output
  • Adjustable UV safety screen
  • Stainless steel frame