SureScan Microarray Scanner from Agilent

The SureScan Microarray Scanner is a key component of Agilent’s complete microarray solution. With improved feature resolution, it delivers exceptional flexibility to analyze any microarray configuration.

The small footprint of the SureScan Microarray Scanner allows lab space to be optimized while improving the sensitivity and maintaining the broadest dynamic range (XDR) currently available on the market.

Continuous loading capability maximizes sample processing throughput, allowing new slides to be loaded as they become available Software data integration allows raw data files to be loaded automatically into Feature Extraction, eliminating manual process. Built-in ozone protection capability minimizes degradation of fluorescent dyes

Hardware and software features:

  • Dynamic autofocus
  • Single and dual color scanning
  • Automatic PMT gain calibration before each scan
  • 2-, 3-, 5-, or 10-micron pixel size
  • Dynamic range of >104 for a single scan in 16-bit scan mode, >105 for a single scan in 20-bit scan mode, and >106 for a dual scan in 16-bit scan mode (XDR)
  • Uniformity specification of <5% CV (Coefficient of Variation)
  • TIFF image file compression
  • Flip and rotate images
  • Internal and external barcode reading

The Agilent Microarray Scan Control program allows you to select the dye (fluorescence) channels, scan regions, resolution, dynamic range, PMT gain, and output folders for each of the slides in the cassette. You can load these settings automatically from saved application-specific protocols, or set them manually in the slot table.