The TB300-IR Laboratory Turbidimeter is designed for quick and easy turbidity measurement in the laboratory.Using an infrared (IR) light source and 900 detection, the TB300-IR conforms with ISO 7027 specifications for turbidity measurement of colored and color-free samples.The auto-ranging function automatically selects the correct range for turbidity measurement from 0.01 to 1100 NTU. The data-logging feature enables the user to store up to 1,000 data sets with the date, time, and registration number.

The instrument is power efficient, and users can choose to operate the instrument on 7 NiCd rechargeable batteries or with a wall plug adapter.

The TB300-IR Lab Turbidimeter comes complete with all of the items necessary for testing including the TB300-IR Lab Turbidimeter, four sample cells, batteries, calibration set, operator’s manual and carrying case.