High performance urine analysis

The URYXXON® 500 is an automatic reader for URYXXON® Stick 10 urine test strips. With a capacity of 400 strips per hour, it is ideal for use in hospitals and practices. The “easy-to-use-features” allow hygienic operation with hardly any training.

The URYXXON® 500 provides dependable urine status results to detect early stages of many diseases such as urinary tract infections, kidney diseases or diabetes. The device eliminates the subjectivity of visual strip evaluation and minimizes risks associated with manual result transcription.

The URYXXON® 500 makes urine analysis quicker, easier and more reliable.

Intended Use

The URYXXON® 500 is for the automatic evaluation of URYXXON® Stick 10 urine test strips. It provides reliable results for the semi-quantitative detection of the following parameters in urine: blood, urobilinogen, bilirubin, protein, nitrite, ketones, glucose, pH, specific gravity and leukocytes. URYXXON® 500 and URYXXON® Stick 10 are CE marked according to the IVD-directive 98/79/EG.

Improvements for your lab

Easy and intuitive

Operating the URYXXON® 500 is easy. Access all functions using the easy-to-follow menu on the touch screen. It nearly eliminates the need for training and makes urine analysis more reliable.

Informative and unique

Add microscopic evidence to the urine chemistry results using the sediment terminal. Powerful user defined sieve functions only admit those samples to sediment analysis that need further diagnostic.

Clean and hygienic

Start the measurement without touching the instrument. Simply place the strip on the transport tray, the detector will recognize it and automatically start the measurement.

Fast and efficient

Once turned on, the URYXXON® 500 is immediately ready for use. It reads up to 400 strips per hour ensuring fast urine chemistry results.

Accurate and convenient

Use a barcode reader to enter patient IDs. Set up lists of samples with ease and convenience and quickly add urine chemistry results to the patient file in your laboratory information system.

Reliable and safe

Use the QC menu to maintain clinical reporting standards with ease and convenience. Medi-Test Control solutions are ideal to ensure correct results at any time.