USB 2.0 Digital Microscope Camera from Paxcam

PAXcam is a feature-packed, high-resolution digital microscope camera. Combine its incredibly easy-to-use interface, spectacular high-resolution image capturing, unmatched PAX-it image database software with an unbelievable price and you will see why this digital microscope camera is a must-have for industrial and scientific applications.


  • PAXcam is a fully integrated package with digital camera and the best bundled imaging software for managing your imaging workflow.
  • PAXcam uses the new industry standard USB 2.0 Interface. This means smooth, live color preview on the computer display. USB 2.0 offers more bandwidth than IEEE 1394 Firewire™ or SCSI digital cameras.
  • PAXcam is great for brightfield microscopy, polarized light, reflected or transmitted light, video, Nomarski DIC and macro applications CLICK HERE for the PAXcam Image Library.
  • Standard C-Mount makes connection to any metallograph, microscope, or stereozoom microscope easy. Macro lens setups are also supported!
  • Superb color rendition with auto and manual white balance controls.
  • The only camera in the industry that gives you the ability to create unique customizable image overlays and video text overlays, for reference, alignment, or comparison to the live preview.
  • Autoexposure function and storage of user presets for improved workflow.
  • PAXcam captures high resolution images or avi full-motion video files, which can all be stored and managed simply in the PAX-it software.
  • Select from a family of digital microscope cameras.